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About Us

The Comanche Pool is dedicated to the regeneration and protection of natural resources to preserve rangeland ecosystems and enhance rural socioeconomics.

We are a non-profit, regional grazing organization located in south-central Kansas and north-central Oklahoma on 5.4 million acres of mixed-grass and sand-sage prairies. The region is ecologically important because it is Kansas’ second largest, in-tact tract of native prairie (second only to the Flint Hills), and is home to a number of declining wildlife species which require large, unfragmented tracts of native prairie. We work with ranchers in its area to educate how best to manage grasslands to produce wildlife, clean air and water, as well as income from livestock grazing.


Our Story

The Comanche Pool Prairie
Resource Foundation is a 501(c)3
non-profit organization established
in 1999 by a group of ranchers to
work with producers, land managers
and conservation partners to
preserve, restore and enhance
rangeland ecosystems and enhance
rural socioeconomics. 

Board of Trustees 

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